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Earlier this year, I was invited by the Mural Mosaic gang to participate in another exciting mural project.  This time the mural was a collaborative project with the town of Sherbrooke, QC in anticipation of the upcoming Summer Games. 

Sports was the theme of this mural, so I decided on painting my all-time favorite athlete, Kurt Browning.  Lewis Lavoie, the originating artist, paints a large simplistic "underpainting", which is then cut down to 16 inch square panels and distributed to artists. Below, you will see the panel as I received it and the final painted product.  For the panels, artists have a lot of freedom to choose an image, but overall, it should stay within the colour and tonal range of the original panel.  

"The Boy from Caroline" is my tribute to Kurt Browning, a wonderful athlete and role model. 

2013 Canada Summer Games Mural

The Mural Mosaics are the brainchild of Lewis Lavoie, a well-known St. Albert artist, and Phil Alain, a local arts promoter.  Take a peek at their website for an eye-popping glimpse into some of the most amazing collaborative art projects today.

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See the mural come to life here.  The final image will be unveiled in August.  Stay tuned for more updates!


Mural panel #66 after

Mural panel #66 before

Click on Kurt for larger image.